'Music of the Spheres' the theme for concert April 29

The Coshocton Community Choir's Music of the Spheres Spring Concert will be held on Sunday, April 29 at 3:00 p.m.at Coshocton High School's McKinley Auditorium.   There are over 200 musicians from throughout central Ohio participating in this concert including the adult choir; The Coshocton Singers (grades 4 through 8), the Coshocton Youth Chorale (grades 9 through 12), instrumentals  Dickie Barrick and Mark Wagner on piano; and the Roscoe Brass Ensemble.

Now in its 47th season, the Community Choir was organized in 1971 by its director, Charles R. Snyder, a longtime Coshocton teacher, choral director, and church musician.  Snyder says the theme for this concert, Music of the Spheres, came to him while on his morning walk.

"On a walk this past fall, I thought about the line from the hymn 'This Is My Father's World' - 'all nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres', said Snyder.   "There is music all around us, whether it’s the song of the birds announcing spring, the crunch of dry leaves and twigs on the Lake Park trails and the whistling of fellow walkers, percussive sounds of someone typing on a keyboard, the sounds of pets, the ubiquitous music from radios and electronic devices, or the now ever-present sounds of text message notifications. 

"Our choir program explores a wide mix of songs in a variety of styles.  Toward the end of the concert, we will sing Dr. Christiansen’s arrangement of 'This Is My Father’s World'."

 "I am excited for the audience to hear Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous 'Pie Jesu' with solos for soprano and a boy treble," continued Snyder.  "It is the first time since the early 90s that there has been a young man in the Coshocton Singers who is a good fit for the boy treble solo."

"Paul Christiansen's arrangement of the spiritual 'Deep River' is one I’d almost forgotten until one of our basses from Muskingum shared it.  It is very different from other arrangements I have heard of the song, and will add a different timbre to the concert."

It has been said that every concert should have something for the head, the heart, and the feet, and there are a few toe-tappers in this program.  "'Bound for the Promised Land' is an early American song we have sung before, but this year we are adding brass and flute parts to the four-hand piano accompaniment, which should make an already rhythmic piece even more exciting," added Snyder.

There are also some arrangements of hymns that audience members will know, including 'Lift Up Your Heads', a very famous arrangement of 'Praise to the Lord' and 'When I Survey the Wondrous Cross'. John Rutter’s arrangement of 'Down by the Riverside' will include all three choirs, the Roscoe Brass Quintet, piano, and the opportunity for audience members to sing along on the final stanza.  The Coshocton Singer's rendition of 'The Kazoo Koncerto' is sure to bring some laughter and a few surprises.

 "I think new listeners to this might be surprised at how similar the Christmas and Spring concerts are," stated Snyder.  "We will explore the story of Easter in the first few songs, there will be some familiar songs, and festive decor with beautiful spring flowers adorning the stage.  I am convinced you will leave this concert with a renewed spirit, a recharged battery, and a stronger conviction of things that are 'right' in Coshocton County."

The Coshocton Community Choir's Spring Concert Music of the Spheres takes place on Sunday, April 29, at 3:00 p.m. at Coshocton High School's McKinley Auditorium, located at 1205 Cambridge Road in Coshocton.  Tickets for the Music of the Spheres concert are $10 for adults and $5 for students and are available at the door, on the choir website www.CoshoctonCommunityChoir.org or by calling Business Manager, Lee Bown at (740) 622-3960.

Pre-sale tickets are also available from choir members and at the following ticket outlets: In Coshocton at Marilyn's Natural Foods or Buehler's Foodmarket; Newcomerstown at Baker's Foods; West Lafayette at Home Loan Savings Bank; and in Roscoe Village at the Coshocton County Convention & Visitors Bureau Office.

"After every concert I hear from a few lifelong Coshocton County residents who had not known there is a Community Choir here, and experienced our concert because someone invited them," Snyder shared.  "Their joy and delight is obvious as they talk about the three choirs; the soloists; Dickie Barrick, our fine accompanist; and the Roscoe Brass Quintet.  I encourage you to invite someone to join you for our 47th spring concert, Music of the Spheres!"

'Love's Pure Light' the theme for Dec. 3 concert


COSHOCTON, Ohio — Love's Pure Light is the theme of the Coshocton Community Choir's Festival Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 3, at 3:00 p.m.  The concert is under the direction of Charles R. Snyder and features the 100-voice adult choir, The Coshocton Singers (singers in grades 4 - 8); and the Coshocton Youth Chorale (high school age singers). Pianists Dickie Barrick and Mark Wagner will be joined by the Roscoe Brass Quintet and percussionist Matt Hayes as they provide accompaniment for the choirs.

"Each year we have several audience members hearing our concert for the first time and they tell us they are so impressed that a 'community choir' offers such professional and powerful music," said Jan Myers, long-time member of the Coshocton Community Choir. "These first-timers become regulars who look forward to our concerts each year, and we invite others to this concert!"

The Christmas concert theme, 'Love's Pure Light,' is a line from the carol 'Silent Night.' "Like last year’s 'O Holy Night,' it’s always helpful when we choose a theme that comes from a familiar song that may strike a chord with people," said Snyder.

"During the Christmas season, my family, like many others, always looked forward to driving around to look at the Christmas lights. There is also something peaceful and renewing about sitting at home and staring at the lights on the Christmas tree. It's a chance to momentarily disconnect from all the negative news and enjoy the small twinkling beacons of light."

"For many of us, Christmas lights are a reminder of God's pure gift of love that first Christmas by sending his light into the world. We think the Community Choir concert will also be a source of light and hope as we begin the Christmas season. The songs we’re rehearsing are filled with messages of light and love, and the narration by the Rev. Richard Hoover will further expand on these ideas."

A new song in the Community Choir’s repertoire is Craig Hella Johnson's juxtaposition of the traditional carol 'Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming' with the 80s popular hit, 'The Rose.'  "It is surprising how well these songs, written hundreds of years apart, fit together so beautifully," added Snyder. "Jack Schrader's arrangement of the spiritual 'Rise Up Shepherd and Follow,' enhanced by Don Kason’s addition of 'big band' brass and percussion, has become an audience and choir favorite. The concluding and rousing 'Rise, Shine' will encourage us to go out and light up the lives of others this holiday season."

The Coshocton Singers' songs will be accompanied by piano, flute, bassoon, bells, and percussion, adding some musical color to the concert.  The Youth Chorale's repertoire ranges from the beautiful contemporary lullaby, 'Sleep Little Baby,' to the well-loved Welsh carol, 'Deck the Halls.'

Dr. Susan Hasseler, the new president of Muskingum University, together with her husband, Ken, will be greeting concert goers as they arrive. Twenty-nine members of the Community Choir have some connection with Muskingum as current students, alumni, faculty and staff.

The Coshocton Community Choir concert will be held at McKinley Auditorium located at Coshocton High School, 1205 Cambridge Road at 3:00 pm. Tickets for the December 3, "Love's Pure Light" Christmas Festival Concert are $10 for adults and $5 for students and are available from choir members, at the door or by calling Business Manager, Lee Bown at 740-622-3960.   Tickets can also be purchased online at www.CoshoctonCommunityChoir.org.

Pre-sale tickets are also available from these outlets: the Coshocton Visitors Bureau and Annin Showroom in Roscoe Village;  Buehler's Foodmarket and Marilyn's Natural Foods in Coshocton; Home Loan Savings Bank in West Lafayette and at Baker's Foods in Newcomerstown.  

To find out more about the Coshocton Community Choir (now in its 47th season), the Coshocton Singers (in it's 31st season, founded as the Coshocton Children's Choir), and the Coshocton Youth Chorale (now in it's 16th season) call the choir office at 740-623-0554, check out the Coshocton Community Choir Facebook page, or visit their website www.CoshoctonCommunityChoir.org.

Cardinal Chorale to perform ‘Light Your World’ Feb. 14

“Light Your World” is the theme of the Cardinal Chorale’s winter concert at the Coshocton Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 3:00 p.m. Forty-five young singers from throughout Ohio will be part of the concert. The Cardinal Chorale toured across the state last summer performing concerts in Delphos, Fostoria, Lakeside, Dublin, Columbus, and Roscoe Village. The Chorale’s performance will be accompanied by Caroline S. Heading and conducted by Charles R. Snyder, who founded the Cardinal Chorale in 1995.

Snyder says that each year the choir examines a concert theme that encourages singers to grow personally as well as musically. “The idea of ‘Light Your World,’ is that each of us has the potential to ignite change in ourselves and the world around us,” explained Snyder. “It’s a great takeaway message for audience members as well. Albert Schweitzer perhaps put it best when he said: ‘I do not believe that we can put into anyone ideas which are not in him already. As a rule there are in everyone all sorts of good ideas, ready like tinder. But much of this tinder catches fire, or catches it successfully, only when it meets some flame or spark from outside – from another person. Often, too, our own light goes out, and is rekindled by some experience we go through with someone else. Each of us has cause to think with great gratitude of those who have lit the flames within us.'” ?

Snyder says the 90-minute concert contains several numbers that explore this theme. “‘Go Light Your World’ is an inspiring contemporary song encouraging each of us to be beacons to others,” he shared. “Other numbers include a rhythmic arrangement of the spiritual, ‘This Little Light of Mine’; two arrangements by Len Thomas – ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning’ (a Chorale favorite), and ‘On This Night of a Thousand Stars’ from the musical ‘Evita.'”

The Coshocton Community Choir will join in the final set, including the spiritual ‘Rock-a Ma Soul,’ and what has become a Chorale standard, Paul Christiansen’s setting of ‘This Is My Father’s World.’

The Cardinal Chorale concert on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 3:00 p.m. is free and open to the public. An offering will be received to help cover expenses for the weekend. The Chorale will also sing for 10:30 a.m. worship on Sunday morning at The Coshocton Presbyterian Church.

The concert venue is located at 142 N. 4th Street in Coshocton. For more information, contact the Coshocton Presbyterian Church at (740) 622-0486.